Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) guarantee a superior experience for mobile audiences.

The mobile revolution isn’t coming, it’s already here.  Among countless key demographics worldwide, mobile web traffic has comfortably overtaken traditional desktop traffic.  Meaning that for the first time in history, most online activity now originates from mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs.  If you want to appeal to the single largest online audience in the world, you need to deliver a truly seamless mobile user-experience.

To encourage businesses and developers worldwide to focus more heavily on the mobile user-experience, Google initiated the AMP Project in 2016.  By using just a fraction of the normal amount of data, Accelerated Mobile Pages load up in less than a second – almost instantaneously.  Eliminating the kinds of delays the average mobile web user simply isn’t willing to accept.

By bringing AMP into your own digital strategy, you stand to capitalise on both the preferences of mobile web users and the key metrics Google is beginning to keep an eye on.  Having worked on hundreds of challenging and diverse AMP projects to date, our exclusive team of developers has the unique experience and expertise to deliver truly unbeatable results.

Faster Loading Times

How long is the average web user willing to wait for a page to load? According to global studies, no more than three seconds. After this, they’ll head elsewhere and typically never return. By contrast, fast loading times not only attract and engage web users, they can also benefit the strength of your SEO strategy. A simple improvement for the most incredible all-round benefit.

Reduced Data Usage

As most mobile device users don’t have access to unlimited data, limiting the amount of data required to load your website’s pages is something you need to do. AMP takes this kind of optimisation to the most extreme level, using exponentially less data than would be required to load an equivalent desktop page. The less data-hungry your pages are, the more likely they are to appeal to mobile users.

Dual-Page Systems

AMP has absolutely no impact whatsoever on the desktop experience you provide for traditional web users.  This is because AMP pages are created to exist alongside their desktop counterparts.  When a customer accesses your site via a mobile device, they are automatically directed to the AMP version.  By contrast, those accessing your site via a desktop device will be provided with the more data-heavy version of the page.

To learn more about the potential value of AMP or to organise an obligation-free quotation, get in touch with a member of our digital design team today.

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