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Blogging represents one of the most powerful tools the modern business has access to.

In the right hands, a blog can be a uniquely effective marketing tool. Satisfying the requirements of web users and the major search engines at the same time, a quality blog can make a real difference. Share your thoughts, post pictures, give your audience the opportunity to comment and respond – all while enriching your site with an ongoing stream of fresh content.

If you’re looking to get serious with blogging, you need a blog that looks great and functions flawlessly.

We specialise in the design and development of cutting-edge blogs for all types of businesses. Designed from scratch with your target audience in mind, we can provide you with a bespoke blog engine of unique value and appeal. Blogging has the potential to deliver the most incredible return on your investment and the earlier you get started, the better!

Keep in Touch with Your Audience

Blogging brings a new dynamic to your customer service provision, giving you the unique opportunity to keep in touch and join the discussion on a more social level. Remove harmful customer-business barriers, introduce new products and services, chat about relevant issues and invite contributions from your customers.

Reach New People

A regular stream of fresh and relevant content can attract new people to your website. Your blog posts give you the perfect opportunity to help newcomers get to know your business, while at the same time giving a serious boost to your SEO efforts. Quality blog posts drive quality web traffic – pure gold for your business.

Target Additional Keywords

Blog posts also give you the opportunity to take your keyword-optimised content marketing strategy to the next level. Capitalise on the more conversational long-tail keywords, target diverse keywords you may otherwise be unable to weave into your content and monitor the input of your customers to identify potentially-lucrative keywords for future use.

Showcase Your Work

Your static website content provides little scope for keeping customers up to date with your latest and greatest achievements. By contrast, a blog represents the perfect platform to showcase whatever it is you do best. Take them behind the scenes, keep them updated on your latest projects and show them exactly what you’re capable of.

Discuss Current Events

It’s important to demonstrate to your audience that as a leader in your field, you remain on the cutting-edge of your niche at all times. Blogging provides you with every opportunity to share breaking news, discuss current events and provide your customers with a helpful online resource to turn to for the latest developments.

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Blog Feeds & Integration

Blog Feeds & Integration

The more successful your blog becomes, the greater its potential for generating advertising revenues. Along with paying to publish guest posts on your blog, third-parties may wish to directly advertise their products and services, or perhaps pay to position backlinks within your posts. Highly-successful blogs can be exceptionally lucrative business assets.We can integrate your blog with your website in such a way as to display selected information on other pages throughout your site for maximum exposure. If there’s an important update on one of your most prominent product categories, why not spread the word on the respective product category page? Or perhaps your primary landing pages?

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